Is Technology Today with Cell Phones and Computers Making Our Kids "Anti-Sociable?"


Dr. Andrea "Andie" Weiner began her career as a child and family therapist at a community mental health center, where she worked with children of all ages and their families. While there, she created an early intervention program which focused on developing and honing interpersonal and social interaction skills for young children whose parents or siblings were undergoing treatment. Dr. Weiner's experience with these families ignited an ongoing interest in the lifelong benefits people derive when they are taught interpersonal skills as children.

To help her own daughter's emotional intelligence grow, Dr. Weiner created and practiced certain social and emotional strategies with her. These approaches proved to be extremely successful with her daughter and other children, and Dr. Weiner incorporated these valuable strategies into her new book, "The Best Investment: Unlocking the Secrets of Social Success for Your Child". The book includes the wisdom she has gained from her multiple careers as a child and family therapist, business executive, entrepreneur, mother and grandmother to enable parents to easily institute the simple, yet powerful approaches to create socially successful children.

Dr. Weiner's research concentrated on various modes of intelligences, in particular emotional intelligence, which she found most fascinating. She is currently President of Emotionally Smart Beginnings LLC that is dedicated to bringing Power2relateā„¢ products that teach children, their families and educators the important skills of emotional intelligence.

What does it mean when people possess the power to relate? Simple!

  • Young children who play well with others, recognize basic emotions and express them appropriately.
  • School-aged children who others enjoy being with, who show empathy toward others, and whom teachers enjoy teaching.
  • Teens who make good choices benefiting their physical and emotional wellbeing, express feelings appropriately, and deal optimistically with life's challenges.
  • Adults with leadership qualities, who engage in positive relationships at home and at work, and who leave a legacy of success and loving understanding.

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