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Show #328: Defending the American Way of Parenting

Tiger Mom's and French Parenting styles are all the rage, but Dr. Andie Weiner wants to defend the American way of parenting. While we can do better, she thinks we need to quit worrying about everyone else's style and concentrate on how we raise our kids.
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Dr. Andie interviewed with Jessica Samuals on May 6 2011 on am1150 show "Jacked In" - General discussion on why social and emotional skills are necessary to raise children who make better choices for themselves and are kinder and more respectful of others.

Teaching Children to Love Themselves
This week on Athena 365 and The MOM Podcast Dr. Andie discusses how to teach kids to love themselves so that they do not seek approval from outside sources. Dr. Andie’s new book More Than Saying I Love You: 4 Powerful Steps that Help Children Love Themselves is an excellent resource for parents to teach their child the greatest skill they can—how to truly love yourself so that you do not need to rely on others for affirmation. Dr. Andie is a mother and grandmother so she knows the road we walk. Learn answers to the following questions:

  • Why isn’t just saying, “I love you” enough to create children that love themselves?
  • What is the difference between self-love and self-esteem?
  • What are the benefits of children learning to love themselves?
  • Does self-love or “I love me” lead to narcissism and being egotistical?
  • At what age do we begin teaching our children about loving themselves?
  • What are the external forces that erode a child’s birthright of love?
  • What are the 4 steps that help children love themselves?
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Dr. Andie was recently on the radio show "Walking on Air" with Betsy and Sal to talk about her new book. Here are the links to listen to the shows: Click here for Part 1: Click here for Part 2.

Dr. Andie interviewed with Jessica Samuals on am1150 show "Jacked In" - Anti-Bullying Pink Day sponsored by the Boys & Girls club in Kelowna, Canada, February, 23rd 2011.

Dr. Andie interviewed with Jessica Samuals on am1150 show "Jacked In" - Taking the stress out of the holidays! Steps you can do to make the holiday season a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable for you and your family.

Dr. Andie will be a guest on "Mom's The Word Radio Show" - KLZ 560AM on Thursday, June 10th at 10:15am MST. She will be discussing the following:

  • How many summer activities are too many?
  • When and is it okay to let children make their own choices on what they want to do.
  • Does allowing them to do "nothing" okay? And what exactly is nothing?
  • If both parents work, how do you allow children to be "on their own"?
  • Should you have expectations over summer, after all it is vacation?
For more infomation about this show please visit their website -

Dr. Andie appeared as a guest to discuss "Generation R" on the Michael Dressner show syndicated on WVNJ (New York), WXBR & WSMN (Boston, Mass.) KBNP (Portland, OR), WLFP (Pittsburgh, PA), KNUU (Las Vegas, NV), WTMY (Sarasota, FL), WISW (Saginaw, MI), WGCH (Stamford, CT), WBCF (Florence, AL)

Dr. Andie is a regular contributor to the Walking On Air show with Betsy and Sal.

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Here's a link to the page where you can listen to all of Dr. Andie's interviews with them. and also a link to the stations where you can hear the show --


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