Teen-Stress-In-Action: What's A Parent To Do?


Dr. Andie appeared on the Natasha Sherman Show on Princeton TV, Channel 45, on October 10 2012. Dr. Andie discusses her books and great tips for parents helping their children achieve social/emotional success.

More Than Saying I Love You: Ways to Help Your Child Love Themselves

College Admission Stress

Dealing with College Rejection

Although Valentine's Day is about romance and chocolates, it can also be about friendships. Find out how you can honor and mend friendships.

Watch Dr. Andie on "Being A Better Parent."

Dr. Andie did a a segment on teaching gratitude to children during the holidays the 10!Show. See below:

Worried about how to deal with back-to-school anxiety with your child? Watch Dr. Andie being interviewed on the popular ABC Affiliate show "View From The Bay" from San Francisco, CA and learn tips on how to help your child cope with school anxiety.

Dr. Andie was interviewed on Philadelphia’s 10! Show, an NBC affiliate morning talk show on the topic of the bullying: girls vs. girls. Watch the segment to learn 5 easy tips to help prevent girl bullying at school and at home.

Please see this edited TV segment from the Myphil17 "In Focus" with Steve Highsmith. Steve Highsmith interviews Dr. Andie on how to help Generation R children on the effects of the current Recession. Learn how parents can use strong social coping skills to help them deal with how the economy is changing things on the home front.

Dr. Andie was recently asked to be a guest on the NBC affiliate Morning 10! Show. She was interviewed about tips that parents can do to help their children deal with financial change - "Generation R."


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