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"Having two small daughters, I am very concerned about self-esteem, peer pressure and all of those things we all go through as girls growing up. This is a fantastic book that helps reinforce the fact you need to show love through your actions not just making sure you say it (although that is important too!). I am constantly reminded of how much they absorb from us as parents, and me as a stay at home mom. And I often forget they are watching me carefully. In fact the other day I put on some jeans I had not worn in a while and did a "butt check" in the mirror. The next day I say me three year old doing the same thing. I am not sure she totally understood what she was doing - but it immediately made me think that I need to watch things and try and promote healthy actions. Some things are obvious that we need to do - but we forget about it in everyday life and this book helps remind us and reinforce as moms how to do so....."

About the Book
Every child is born loving, yet outside influences can erode this birthright of love, which may cause unloving behaviors towards themselves and others as they go from baby to toddler to child, teen and adult. Dr. Andrea "Andie" Weiner made a commitment to her daughter before she was born to counter the "erosion of love" and to keep her spark of love alive.

It is a common belief if you tell a child "I love you" it translates into them loving themselves. Wrong! Teaching self-love is so much more than those 3 words.

Her new book, More Than Saying I Love You: 4 Powerful Steps That Teach Children To Love Themselves, takes you from newborn to adult providing the 4 simple to implement steps with tips and tools in order to instill this valuable skill set in your child that will last a lifetime. Like most parents, we tell our children that we love them and we believe that speaking those words will translate into our children to continue loving themselves. We believe that if something is said over and over again it will gain validity and that our children would then internalize that "I love you" and from that create self-love.

Self-love is not the same as being self-centered, egotistical, self-righteousness or narcissistic.What would it look like to have a generation of children that practiced self-love? They would be caring and loving towards others as well as themselves. Being able to "love others as ourselves" or as the Bible says " love your neighbor as yourself" comes from practicing self-love. They would appreciate their talents and be accepting of who they are. By being accepting and compassionate towards themselves, they can in turn be the same towards their friends, classmates, siblings, and parents. Their self-worth or high self-esteem becomes a by-product of their self-love.
-- Review from Retail Therapy Lounge.

"Many women I know struggle with their self-image, myself included. In fact, I've been working on a very personal (and lengthy) post on the subject. I hope to share it soon. One thing I know is that I want Rissa to value herself and not encounter the same self-esteem issues I did growing up. Until I read More Than Saying I Love You by Dr. Andie, I thought the answer was to help her maintain a healthy weight…not be "the fat girl" like I was..."

About this book:
Every child is born a loving being. They don't know any different. Yet outside influences can erode this birthright of love. Behaviors can eventually develop into unloving behaviors toward themselves and others. Just saying "I love you" doesn't automatically create children who love themselves.

This book is teaching me so much more. It's not a terribly long book, which makes it nice to read through. Dr. Andie shares letters she wrote to her daughter as well as a discussion her and her daughter had when she was finishing high school… her daughter said Dr. Andie gave her a great gift - the gift of self love.

I thought saying "I love you", hugs, and taking care of basic needs expressed love. While they do express love and teach my daughter that *I* love her, I now realize they aren't teaching her how to love herself. Dr. Andie provides ways to help you teach this. It's hard to explain (and without giving it away - it's really best when read as a packaged deal!), but it's about teaching them to see their accomplishments for themselves. Things like you should be proud of yourself rather than focusing on what my thoughts and approval are on something she has accomplished.

I definitely found it enlightening and I think many of us could use the advice and suggestions on how to teach our children to love themselves. If we love ourselves, we can love others. Loving ourself helps with confidence. Confidence helps with ambition and success… or so I think. I'll continue to reference her book as Rissa grows. Right now, I focus on SHOWING my love to her. But as she continues to develop (especially her language skills) I want to make sure she is happy about herself.

I recommend this book to everyone - especially if you've struggled with your own self love/image/esteem/image like I have."
-- Tales from the Nursery by Darcy & Brian Blog - May 2011

"Loving ourselves is the greatest undertaking of each of our lives, and in this delightful yet profound new book, Dr. Andie teaches parents how to instill this beautiful gift in the hearts of their children. If our children can learn healthy self-love, we would have generations of confident, happy and empathic children, to say nothing of a far more peaceful and loving world. Let this lovely book show you the way, and you'll find yourself loving yourself just a little bit better as you do."
-- Daphne Rose Kingma, Relationship expert on teaching people how to love, and best selling author including When You Think You're Not Enough: Four Life Changing Steps to Loving Yourself and the award winning book, Ten Things To do When Your Life Falls Apart.

"We love Dr. Andie! She blends her expertise with common sense, compassion and a sprinkling of humor. Her new book addresses a topic that sounds simple but is often assumed -- if we are loved, then we love ourselves. The steps and tools are simple, easy to understand and, most importantly, easy to implement. Her book is a recipe for healthy, happy and loving relationships . . . something we can all benefit from by learning more loving behaviors towards ourselves and others."
-- Betsy Brint and Sally Higginson, Co-Hosts of syndicated radio show Walking on Air with Betsy and Sal

"As an elementary school teacher I have seen the results of children who do not recognize their value. It shows in their school work, their interaction with their school mates as well as the teachers and how they perceive themselves. It is heartbreaking to see children go through this. I thank Dr. Andie for giving all of us the tools to teach love, and show love to ourselves and to others."
-- Mary Casady, Retired Teacher, Mom and Grandmother

"Dr. Andrea Weiner "gets it!" It goes way beyond teaching children about self-esteem because loving oneself is much more inclusive and life changing. Parents need to read this book before they contemplate having children and use it as their guide once they have them. All parents want their children to be happy and successful in life and Dr. Andie's approaches discussed in the book can pave the way for that to happen!"
-- Chandra Alexander, MSW, Speaker, life coach, and author of Reality Works, Let It Happen and guest contributor for FOX TV and Good Day Tampa

"As a psychologist who works with children and adolescents, I often see the end result when behaviors that are not loving to oneself wreck havoc in one's life. Dr. Weiner's book takes the concept of self-love, an essential ingredient for healthy social and emotional functioning, and makes this vital construct very accessible and understanding to teens and families. Her own journey as a mother teaching her daughter this critical concept of loving oneself shows that she doesn't just talk the talk, she's walked the walk."
-- Howard Savin, Ph.D., Child and adolescent psychologist, author of Accountable Systems of Behavioral Health Care: A Provider's Guide, and CEO of Autism Services Group


"I loved this book! In fact, as I was reading it I was thinking of people I would love to give it to! I feel this is a book that when faced with adversity, I would keep as a reference guide. Something tells me that in 10 years it will have all different highlighter colors in it, notes written on pages and things underlined!!"
-- J.H., Afton, Pennsylvania

"As a parent with two children, 2 and 4 ½ years old, this book addressed issues not addressed in many other parenting books. I loved the checkpoints at the end of each chapter and the "real-life" examples. As a parent, I love the "how to's."
-- N.S., Washington, D.C.

"I am both a teacher and a mom to two daughters, both under the age of six. I believe this book is exactly the kind of "guide" we, parents and educators need. I really liked that you used simple language even with the financial comparison. Now I can add another description to my name, a parent investor!"
-- S.M., Newtown, Pennsylvania

"The book has a lot of strategies to help parents like myself. I have several friends that I will recommend this book to who are struggling with behaviors from their children as well as guilt about being a "good" mom. I really have a better understanding of how I can help my kids understand their emotions better and to give them skills that they will have forever."
-- S.O., Cary, North Carolina

"My husband and I both have busy work schedules. Making good use of the quality time we have with our son Cameron is very important. We have both read the book and it has helped us understand the challenges that Cameron faces at his new school. He is doing well and has already made some new friends. We think this investment will reap a lifetime of rewards."
-- A.H., Brisbane, Australia


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